By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Not a day goes by that Laya Lesley-Barnes and her sister TieAsia Bennett-Barnes don’t miss their brother, Rashad. “He loved life,” Laya says.

“We had an awesome brother,” says TieAsia. “If you wanted a brother you wanted our brother.”

Rashad was stabbed and killed while getting off an MBTA bus in Roxbury, near Dudley Square on August 15th. Police released surveillance video from the crime, and investigators say that lead to the arrest of 21 year old Jahvon Goodwin.

Goodwin was arrested at a mental health facility in Lynn. He had been out on bail after being charged with kicking a police officer.

Prosecutors say it was an unprovoked attack.

Rashad’s family went to see Goodwin in court, but he was allowed to stand behind a wall. Rashad’s father Don says he has faith in the system. He says, “At this point in time, I’m happy for what we got so far.”

Laya says, “I can ask a million questions. I can ask a million whys. But it’s not going to bring my brother back. It’s not going to change anything.


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