BOSTON (CBS) — It’s not yet September, but for the Red Sox, the time for reflection on a lost season has already arrived.

With the Red Sox sitting at 62-68, 13.5 games out of first place and 10 games out of the wild card, and with the team trading away one of its best offensive players in a massive salary dump, the talk from the players about climbing back into the playoff hunt has quieted a bit. In fact, outfielder Cody Ross was already willing to sum up the season this week in Anaheim.

“It’s tough, but we didn’t play up to our capabilities,” Ross told Yahoo! Sports’ Tim Brown. “We didn’t mesh this year.”

Ross, who’s hitting .281 with 19 home runs this season, won a World Series with the Giants in 2010, and he experienced firsthand the pressure to win the following season. He told Brown that because of September’s collapse (of which Ross not a part), he felt this year’s Red Sox faced more pressure to win than even the defending champs.

“We had a lot to prove this year,” he said.

Clearly, they didn’t prove much, but it appears as though the white flag, finally, might finally be waving in the clubhouse.



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