With the football season just over a week away, Gresh & Zo went “No Huddle” around the NFL on Tuesday.

1. The Colts traded a second-round pick for defensive back Vonte Davis. What do Gresh & Zo think of the deal?

2. Moving on to the Jets, they acquired Jason Smith from the Rams. Will that help their offensive line woes?

3. Jets practice was held up for nearly 2 hours on Monday when a player found a suspicious white powder on the field. After an investigation, it turned out to be the goal line. No question needed, Gresh and Zo just react.

4. Penn State will no longer play “Sweet Caroline” at home games. Zo goes in depth into why…

5. College Football starts this week, who do the guys like to win the Heisman?

6. Hardy isn’t in the College Football mood — see if Gresh can change that.

7. The Cowboys now have rules for receiver Dez Bryant including no strip clubs, alcohol and a midnight curfew. Is this enough to contain the troubled Bryant?

8. Tavaris Jackons is now a member of the Buffalo Bills. Will this change the landscape of the entire AFC East?!?!?!?!?!?!


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