BOSTON (CBS) – Tropical Storm Isaac is already having a major affect on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, which was supposed to get underway Monday.

The head of the RNC gaveled open the convention Monday afternoon and immediately called a recess, with the rest of the day’s activities canceled.

Former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey and other members of the Massachusetts delegation are already in Tampa. Mitt Romney is still in New Hampshire and says he’s praying for the people of New Orleans.

Even though the convention city ‘s weather is now dry and calm, Republicans are grappling with the continuing threat of storm-related fallout.

No one wants to repeat the political nightmare of Hurricane Katrina, where then President Bush looked aloof and out of touch as the New Orleans drowned.

“Right now we are looking at nice weather here, we are looking at proceeding with the convention as planned, time will tell,” said Beth Myers, Romney Campaign Chief of Staff.

When asked should the convention continue if New Orleans gets hit hard by Isaac, Massachusetts Delegate Steve Tocco said it has to go forward, and that you can do it with respect and dignity in mind.

But that’s easier said than done when TV juxtaposes images of delegates partying while citizens suffer, which is a prospect that leaves some local Republicans bristling.

“I guess it begs the question, will the president cancel his convention or be down helping people recover well, he has a week- well, recovery takes some time,” said House Minority Leader, Bradley Jones.

And while little was lost from the first day’s cancellation, the stakes are about to get higher.

“We need to showcase for the nation, the next president, Mitt Romney. This is very important in the history of our country, its a turning point,” said Bob Maginn, Massachusetts GOP Chair.


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