A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I’ve got to admit, I had no idea how close to the truth I was when I suggested a few days back that the “Red Sox are rotting from within” and if you think it’s bad now, it’s probably going to get worse.    Two days later…..the whole team blows up in everybody’s face and while I’m totally in favor of getting rid of the multi-million dollar do-nothing egomaniacs, what the Sox got out of the deal was next to nothing.    Putting it simply, the Red Sox got rid of $275 million dollars worth of troubles….and got in return, a poor hitting first baseman, a pair of sneakers and a couple of  jock-straps.

     By the way……why do we have a farm team?   Bring ’em up….let ’em play.  Ask Tampa Bay how that works.  In fact, maybe take a look at 50-year old Roger the “not guilty” Rocket.   He’s playing for a team called the Skeeters right now..have you heard?

     Ben Cherington….now’s you chance.  Everything you’ve done so far has brought us nowhere, but now you’ve got a clean slate so lets see what ya got Dr. Ben.

     Oh….one more thing Ben…you know that pitcher named Alfredo Acevas your team dumped back in 2010 because he was a total idiot…..a misbehaving knucklehead….and then you hired him back?    Obviously you didn’t get rid of all the dopes in your locker room.    Acevas threw a another hissy fit over the weekend, started yappin’ at his Manager for “not putting him in the game”, it got out of control ugly and now Acevas gets a “time-out” for three games, in the corner with the dunce  hat on again.   I’ve seen better behavior at a kindergarten for spoiled rotten kids!

     Wait till next year fans…..wait till next year!


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