BOSTON (CBS) – With 98.5 The Sports Hub listeners getting their “10 Second Of Glory” thanks to the new CBS Audio Roadshow App, we’ve been getting plenty of solid submissions.

Each weekend, we’ll put together the best of the best. Here are the best “10 Seconds” from August 20 to 24:

Gresh & Zo:

– Kelly Shoppach was shipped out of town, and then blamed for sending the famous Bobby Valentine text — from Adrian Gonzalez’ phone. What else in the history of the world is Shoppach responsible for?

– In one of the greatest debates of all time, Gresh & Zo asked what your favorite cereal is. All answers other than Golden Grahams are wrong…

– Like the missing minutes on the Watergate tapes, Dan Shaughnessy has deleted tweets. So Gresh & Zo asked what listeners think these deleted tweets are — including unique hashtags!

Keep them coming, and you might find yours on the list next weekend!


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