Gary Myers of the NY Daily News joined The D.A. Show Wednesday night to talk all things NFL.

Starting in the AFC East, the Jets haven’t scored a touchdown yet this preseason. Should they be worried about their lackluster offense?

“They absolutely have problems. They don’t have enough firepower or play makers on offense; their right tackle Wayne Hunter has been abominable now. He was terrible last year, and was really eaten up by the Giants pass-rush Saturday night. They have issues,” said Myers. “I tend not to put too much into it simply because their best receiver and best player maker hasn’t played yet; they haven’t showed any of the offense that is going to be on the field for at least 10 plays a game with Tebow, and their offensive line has played poorly.”

“I think the Jets have regressed last year with what they did for the first two years under Rex,” he said. “People are looking to what they’ve seen the first two weeks in the preseason and thinking 6-10. I don’t think its going to be that bad, but another 8-8 season could be what we’re looking at.”

Could Rex Ryan be under the gun with the Jets?

“I don’t think so. The owner, Woody Johnson, loves him. I think that has a lot to do with the man who preceded him in Eric Mangini, who came in and made the organization feel extremely uncomfortable… when Rex came in and his attitude was 180-degrees different than Mangini,” said Myers. “I think things would really, really have to deteriorate here for Rex to be in any trouble.”

“That being said, he doesn’t have a lifetime contract. They didn’t make the playoffs last year, and if they don’t make them again this year, going into next year you could say there might be a little more heat on him,” Myers added. “I don’t think there is any pressure now.”

Elsewhere in New York, could the Bills contend for a wild card spot?

“I don’t (think so) only because I don’t believe in the quarterback,” Myers said of Bills play caller Ryan Fitzpatrick. “Defensively they certainly improved a lot with Mario Williams, but I’m just not a believer in the Bills. I still think this is a division where the Jets are the only team that can challenge the Patriots, and I’m not sure they’re capable of doing that.”


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