BOSTON (CBS) — Tyler Seguin hails from the Toronto area, a place as crazy for hockey as any other city on the planet.

Still, the 20-year-old Bruins star described a subtle yet significant difference between hockey fans in Boston and hockey fans anywhere else.

“I really enjoy the people there. They’re very respectful and they’re nice,” Seguin told Boston Bruins TV in a Twitter Q&A video. “The best example I can give is after we won the Cup, around Toronto and around my home town, everyone said ‘congrats,’ and family said ‘congrats.’ Around Boston, even to this day, even this weekend when I was just there, people still constantly say ‘thank you’ instead of ‘congrats.’

“Every time they do, you really feel like you won it for yourself and the team but you won it for the whole city and that’s just something that I love about the character of the people in Boston.”

Seguin also touched on a number of other topics, revealing it was a “toss-up” for him in deciding to pursue a life in hockey or lacrosse, but a lacrosse injury suffered when he was 15 or 16 steered him toward the ice.

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He also said he’s close with Milan Lucic and his road roommate, Gregory Campbell, but if he had to pick one teammate he’s closest with, it’d be Brad Marchand.

“Marchy’s kind of my right-hand man,” Seguin said. “It’s really hard to label it down to one guy, but first in mind is probably Marchy.”


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