BOSTON (CBS) – Starting in November, 11 of Logan Airport’s 40 ATM locations will switch over from Bank of America, Citizens Bank, and Sovereign Bank to JP Morgan Chase and Capital One.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports:

During a bidding process, the two national banks garnered about a dozen spots between them, meaning they will replace some of the locations operated by local banks.

Edgar Dworsky, the founder of,  says this could become very expensive for local travelers.

“If you made the mistake and didn’t get cash before you left for your trip you’re going to pay the price at the airport because the likelihood of finding your machine there from your bank is slim,” said Dworsky.

“If you’re a Citizens customer or a Sovereign customer its going to be really hard to find one of your ATMs over there.”

But Massport spokesman Matthew Brelis said even with the institution of the national banks, there are still 29 ATM locations within the terminals that are unchanged.

“There will be 6 banks rather than 4 banks, so I think that’s a win. There are some national banks that are going to be in the airport that weren’t in the airport before,” said Brelis.


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