Felger and Massarotti are broadcasting live from the Ace Ticket Studio at Kenmore Square and were joined by Peter Gammons of MLB.com to discuss the firing of Bob McClure, the Sox front office, and the return of Roger Clemens.

Why did the Sox wait until this week to fire pitching coach Bob McClure? What can be taken from this move long-term? Could Bobby Valentine be kept for another season?

“Ask me the last week of the season, because I want to see how this month goes. I think he’s really, really trying,” Gammons said. “The question is, is he going to be able to interact with the players enough to get them all on the same page? There may have been enough damage done.”

Gammons also touched on the ownership. While he said it’s unfair to say that John Henry has spent too much time in England to be concerned about the Red Sox, he did say the ownership group was embarrassed by the way things are going, hence their impromptu visit to Baltimore last week.

“I really sense they’re terribly embarrassed,” Gammons said. “Seeing them in Baltimore, I understand why they went, but it really was an uncomfortable feeling watching them.”


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