This has been a summer of drama for the Red Sox, with Josh Beckett playing golf when he’s supposedly missing a start due to injury, Clay Buchholz hitting up a party after being released from the hospital, players texting ownership to complain about manager Bobby Valentine and much more.

Carl Crawford missed most of the season after wrist surgery in the offseason and many setbacks on his way back to the lineup. Even though he made it back there was concern that the outfielder’s elbow would eventually give out and would undoubtedly require Tommy John surgery.

Many thought that Crawford should just get the surgery as soon as possible and focus on getting ready for next season. Reports are that the Red Sox will decide on Monday whether Crawford will undergo Tommy John surgery on his left elbow, and with the team playing the way they are it seems to make sense.

Hardy & Mike Flynn, filling in for Gresh & Zo who are off on Patriots duties, discussed the future of the Sox outfielder. If Crawford goes in for Tommy John this week, what does that mean for the Red Sox going forward?

What does this say about a team that has not been mathematically eliminated or a guy who said he’s going to play through the pain as long as the team had a chance?

“To me that just sums the whole attitude of this team where they’ve given up,” Hardy said. “They don’t care, it’s all done.”


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