BOSTON (CBS) – Carl Crawford is expected to request permission from the Red Sox to undergo Tommy John Surgery on his left elbow next week, according to a report by the Boston Globe’s Peter Abraham.

After missing the first half of the season because of left wrist and elbow injuries, Crawford returned to the Red Sox lineup on July 16 after missing the first half of the season for wrist and elbow injuries.

Since returning, he has hit .287 in 29 games with 10 doubles, 2 triples, 3 home runs, and 4 stolen bases.

Crawford has said multiple times that he expects he will need the surgery at some point.

“I figure one day it’ll blow out, and when that happens, time to go,” the AP quoted him as saying in July. “The later I wait to get it done, the more time I’m going to miss. I guess you guys can do the calculation on that and see how that works. I definitely know that at some point of my career I can’t keep playing with this ligament in my elbow like that.”


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