BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been a long week for fans of the Boston Red Sox. When Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan broke the news that an anti-Bobby Valentine meeting led by Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez took place in New York in July, it instantly became the biggest story in town and perhaps the biggest story of the season.

While the story riled up fans of the Red Sox, it also brought out some emotion from the 98.5 The Sports Hub hosts.

Here are three clips from their Red Sox rants this week. If you want the whole thing, plus the audio, just click their names.

Fred Toucher

“If I’m [John Henry], I say, ‘I’ve paid $180 million for these guys. I put you in a position to organize this — if you can’t do it you’re gone. If these players don’t want to do it then F-them! … Or I’ll stand up and have some accountability or stand up and speak like a man; not release some weird written statement via email. Don’t take questions, stand up and speak though. And if you’re too afraid to stand up and speak then why the hell do you own a Major League Baseball team?”

Michael Felger

“The part I would be outraged by is that these owners give these players an audience. … These guys come up to you to complain? They complained to you last year and you gave them headsets and a yacht party. They complain this year after a full season of sucking, and they give them an audience. … The players have underperformed as a group collectively for almost a full calendar year now. And yet they text the owners, go up the back stairs to the owners to bitch about the manager, and the ownership gives them an audience. That is just bad management on the part of the Red Sox.”

Andy Gresh

“No, Larry Lucchino. The fact of the matter is that as much as you stand there and you try to insult not only what we do, which is talk about the real stuff going on with this team, you try to insult the people who listen to sports radio in this city who call up and complain and who want their voices heard and who want you to know they’re not happy. But those are the people you’re not used to hearing from. … Those are the people that you don’t hear from anymore, because instead it is the pink hat, B-loving, oh-my-god-Jacoby-Ellsbury-is-so-hot fan base that you’re used to bending over for because they bow down and they kiss your ass. Those days are gone. Welcome to the way it used to be. Welcome to accountability and people who do care. And if you want to denigrate how it’s done, the form in which it’s done, and the people who are sending the message, then you really are that ignorant, and you don’t get it.”


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