GREENLAND, NH (CBS) – A convicted felon is back behind bars after police say they found him with a loaded machine gun.

Joshua Nieves of Greenland, New Hampshire was arrested in Portsmouth on Thursday.

Greenland police issued an arrest warrant after receiving information that Nieves was in possession of the weapon.

He was later tracked down in neighborhood in Portsmouth.

Federal, State and local police all took part in the arrest.

Authorities recovered a MAC-11, along with ammunition during the arrest.

The MAC-11 can fire 1200 rounds per minute, according to a number of gun websites.

Nieves was charged for being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon, for violating a protective order, and for possession of a controlled drug. Police did not specify what specific drug they allegedly found on Nieves.

Nieves served time for a 2004 armed robbery.


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