TAUNTON (CBS) – A Taunton man who was given the wrong lottery ticket is a lot richer because of it.

One of the regular customers at the Valero gas station on Weir Street in Taunton walked in and asked for a certain scratch ticket, but manager Brian Salinas didn’t hear him right.

“Basically I was on the phone doing a tobacco order. He comes in; he says ‘give me a Blue Ice 7’s.’ I get kind of a little bit distracted and I give him a Sizzlin’ 7’s,” Salinas explained. “He just said ‘no, no, I’ll take it.’”

That Sizzlin’ 7’s ticket turned out to be a $1 million winner for Richard Brown.

Salinas says he’s glad the ticket was a winner.

“I’m kind of happy that I sold him a million dollars,” Salinas told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “I’m not used to selling something that big.”

According to the Mass. Lottery, Brown took the cash option on the prize and received a one-time lump sum payment of $650,000 – before taxes. He reportedly plans to put a new roof on his house and take a trip to San Francisco with his winnings.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

The chance of winning $1 million with ticket is 1 in 4.2 million.


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