BOSTON (CBS) – A 13-year-old Burlington boy is in the hospital with a severe concussion after taking a line drive to the head.

Patrick O’Halloran is resting well but still in a lot of pain after a ball hit him right in the head while he was pitching Thursday night.

The boy’s coach says it was one of the scariest things he’s ever seen.

“He dropped immediately and he really wasn’t moving out there so it was a really scary thing for all of us,” says Mike Winn.

Coach Winn says when Patrick went down you could hear a pin drop.

“It was scary; everyone was scared.” says Patrick’s father. “We couldn’t see it, so when we got out there and found out what was going on, and he was in so much pain at that point.”

It was Burlington vs. Visalia California in the Cal Ripken World Series in Winchester. Patrick’s dad says his son was only on the mound for a moment when he was drilled in the head with the ball. He was immediately knocked unconscious for about 30 seconds. Patrick sustained a severe concussion and was taken away on a stretcher to Children’s Hospital Boston.

“He’s all swollen,” says his father. ”You can actually see the stitch marks from the ball that’s how hard it was hit.”

At the World Series level some of athletes are throwing 70 mile an hour pitches and it’s coming back at the pitcher even faster.

Coach Winn describes Patrick as a great kid and says he is a leader on the team. “It’s just too bad because with Pat going out at the very beginning of the game, everyone was really shaken up in the dugout,” says Winn. “The game became very secondary very quickly.”

Winn says even though they lost the game, the kids pulled off a great season, finishing second in the nation.


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