By David Wade, WBZ-TVBy David Wade

PEMBROKE (CBS) – It didn’t sound like all that promising of an assignment.

“Go to the Bryantville Meeting House in Pembroke. There’s an annual BBQ for a group of men who say they are dull,” the bosses told me.

How could it get worse?

Was there going to be a meeting, too?

Yup. And it was outstanding.

It was the weekly meeting of the Dull Men’s Club.

The group of 30 men, wearing shirts that read “Dull But Not Boring,” get together every Wednesday to talk about… nothing.

Seinfeld and Costanza would be proud.

This week’s meeting started with a retirement joke from the acting president AL Radin deadpanned to the two dozen “Dull.”

“My wife said ‘what are you doing today.’” I said ‘nothing.’ She said ‘you did that yesterday.’ I said, ‘I’m not finished!’” he cracked.

The Dull Men then went on to discuss topics like the Red Sox, Lyme Disease, counter-clockwise baggage carriers and which direction toilet paper should be installed.

They poke fun at each other, but there’s a lot more to the story.

What they don’t talk about is how this all started – as a group for grieving men who had lost their wives.

Connie Church was one of the co-founders.

“When men have deaths in their family they say ‘I’m great, I’m perfect’ when they’re not,” he said.

Not all the men are widowers. But they all have a desire to get out of the house.

And yes, they’re all men.

No women.

“They’re not allowed because they’re not dull!” Radin said.

Hmmm. Seems like clever marketing.

Keep people away by pretending your boring.

The Dull Men may not be as dull as they say.


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