Gresh was out and 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Bruins play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher was in with Zo to discuss the NHL’s labor talks. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires September 15th and Zo asked Goucher how many storms are on the horizon.

“I think there’s a lot Zo and I guess the word I would use is discouraged seeing what happened yesterday. The words that stuck out to me from Gary Bettman’s little media session were have very different views of the world and that we’re still far apart with not a lot of time left.”

They went on to discuss how the possibility of a lockout could have affected the Bruins this offseason. Did the uncertainty of a lockout stop the Bruins from signing any big free agents and how much stock are they putting in Nathan Horton coming back and being healthy?

“I don’t know if the uncertainty of the labor situation had a huge impact.”

On the Horton issue Goucher wishes that they covered themselves a bit.

“Let’s pretend, because it looks like it’s going to be pretending for now, that they do find a way to solve this labor issue and if something happens to Horton again. What I keep coming back to is the hit he took in January, the one in the Finals was terrible, but the one in January it didn’t look like a lot.”

“So my concern is what if something happens to him again? They don’t really have a stop gap measure there, you know they elevated Peverley to the top line last year that really didn’t seem to work out. I just wished they had gone out and been a little bit more proactive and brought in some depth.”


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