BOSTON (CBS) – A shark was recently spotted in Cape Cod Bay. The crew of The Cynthia C recorded video of the 12-foot shark while out fishing for tuna.

Ten-year-old Nolan D’Hedouville describes the moment he saw the shark.

“It was really cool,” says Nolan. “I thought it would jump in the air and put his head through the water.”

Jeff Richardson saw it too and ran to the edge of the boat with his camera.

“It was a 12-foot, great white shark,” says Richardson, “about 1,000 to 1,200 pounds.”

Shark sightings have been common this year, but not where this one was spotted.

“It was about five miles off of Barnstable Sandy Neck Beach,” says Richardson. ”That’s rare you never see great whites in the bay, at least I don’t.

Sharks have been all around the Cape this summer. Experts have been tracking them off of Chatham and there was even an attack in Truro leaving a man injured.

Experts say this is likely a great white and it’s been years since they have seen one in the bay.

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