Mike Felger and Bob Beers were joined by Peter Gammons of MLB.com to talk about the dysfunction that is surrounding the Boston Red Sox.

How dysfunctional is this organization? With the recent story coming out about the team meeting, who’s to blame for these stories getting out?

“I think it gets out, but I don’t think it’s to anyone’s advantage. … I don’t think that there’s an intent there,” Gammons said. “Now it becomes even more of a distraction and becomes more of one of those things that players around the game look at and go, ‘Oh my God, Boston is just the place we don’t want to be.'”

Why hasn’t the Sox front office told these players to just shut up and play?

“I think they try to be fair and try to listen to both sides, and I think they’ve done a good job,” Gammons said of the ownership’s regular roundtables with players and coaches. “I agree with you, I think it [should be] just, ‘Hey, everybody, shut up, go play and see what you do.’ … Let them work it out. Let the players and Bobby Valentine work out whatever there is. And I actually think that whatever it is, it would work out. And I think that you’ve got a real problem when players are able to go to ownership.”

Gammons also discusses the relationship between Valentine and Dustin Pedroia and whether we can expect more to come out about the Sox.

“I have never been around a team that has had more things floating out there,” Gammons said. “I’ve never been around a team that had more of a problem with the media. … I think that maybe some of the relationship with the coaches … maybe more stuff like that comes out.”


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