By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

MALDEN (CBS) – “What does it mean to have another person with a key to your apartment?” That’s a question Jenny Lienhard is asking after she says the superintendent of her Malden apartment building stole from her. “He had a key, so there was no sign of him breaking into our apartment, took our checkbook out of our drawer, and wrote himself a $180.00 check and cashed it,” says Lienhard.

She is one of six tenants in the 22-unit building that have gone to Malden Police saying the same thing happened to them. According to the building owner, a total of nearly $5,000.00 was stolen. He’s already fired the superintendent and changed all the locks in the building, while police investigate.

One neighbor who’s done maintenance work in the building says he hopes the landlord screens employees more thoroughly in the future. “ He should do a background check on anybody who comes in here, whether they be tenants or custodians.”

Lienhard and her husband are now taking inventory. “We’re checking all the accounts and making sure nothing has been touched,” she says. They were away on vacation when it happened. “You really feel violated…pretty terrible that the person who was paid and hired to live right above you and take care of your space, comes into your apartment while you’re gone and steals from you.”


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