QUINCY (CBS) – Rain forced commuters off of the train and onto the bus Wednesday morning at the Wollaston MBTA station on the Red Line.

This situation used to happen a lot more frequently, but fortunately the MBTA figured that when drains were getting covered with trash and debris flooding becomes more of a problem.

In this most recent event, a YouTube clip showed how deep the rainwater got in a short amount of time.

“Sometimes, all day it’s closed,” said a transit worker.

This time it only took 20 minutes to get the drains cleared up, but transit workers were still trying to mop up the mess early in the afternoon.

The Kelly family from Plymouth came up to the Wollaston station to head downtown. Fortunately, they timed their trip just right.

“We’ve been really lucky with the weather, we haven’t had any problems,” said Ms. Kelly.

Transit workers tell us the flooding they saw this morning is more of an unusual occurrence as of late.

This station was a particular source of flooding problems a couple of years ago. Workers are uncertain if the drains have been cleaner or if perhaps they have just been a bit luckier with the weather.

As of now, everything is back to normal with no delays at this stop.


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