At some point we have all been advised to “act our age.” I have heard that often because I have never acted my age. I still refuse to do so and you should refuse as well.

I believe the young should strive to act a little older and the old should act a little younger. What is wrong with a kid showing a little more responsibility than her peers? What is wrong with an oldster acting younger than the rest of the doddering gang? Everyone in between should pick an age they like and simply act that age.

I have selected an age I like and I strive to live the life that that age allows me to. Does this seem too simple? It’s not. Try it.

I hit the streets with a video camera to ask folks what their optimum age is. Click play to find out what ages people prefer, including myself.

Please take special note of the seventy-one-year old woman who has run the Boston Marathon for the last twenty-five consecutive years, including this year’s Marathon with it’s dangerous heat. That’s right, she is seventy-one-years old and she completed the Boston Marathon in the blistering heat that caused hundreds of younger runners to drop out. She is the poster person for not acting your age.

Next time someone tells you to act your age tell them to take a hike. Or run a marathon.


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