BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been one wild week for the Boston Red Sox, and Boston sports in general. What better way to break it all down than another edition of Adam Kaufman’s 5 Questions?

Joining Kaufman this time around is Marc “The Beetle” Bertrand.

– Leading off, who does Bertrand believe in this whole Red Sox mess (here’s a recap in case you’ve been under a rock…)? Can anyone be trusted? And will Bobby V. be back next season?

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– OK, that was more than just one question, but we’ll allow it. Because now that the drama talk is over, Kaufman and Bertrand move on to FOOTBALL. After an impressive Game 1 of the preseason, what does Beetle make of the Patriots running back duo of Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen?

– Moving to the NHL… well, hopefully what will be the NHL. Is there a lockout coming this season?

– If there is no hockey, the TD Garden won’t lay dormant. The Boston Celtics will be back at the end of October, with newcomer Jason Terry (most likely) coming off the bench. It’s the quiet time of the NBA offseason, so what does Bertrand think of Terry’s new tattoo, and the veteran guard in general?

– And for the national question, Kaufman and Beetle move back to football. Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/Johnson is unemployed once again, with the Miami Dolphins cutting him following his arrest over the weekend. What is next for Chad?

Let us know what you want us to ask on future ‘5 Questions’ in the comments section, on Facebook, or by tweeting @985TheSportsHub or @AdamMKaufman.


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