BOSTON (CBS) – Q: I am always in the car when you are on air and seems like there is never an opportunity to write this stuff down. I can’t remember everything you say.

A: Don’t even try to write anything down while you are driving. I would hate to be the cause of an accident. Online here at WBZ you can listen to the broadcasts and we have a transcript as well that you can easily access and it has all of the internet links I talk about.

And online there is a bonus. You can sign up for a newsletter that will arrive every Monday morning with last week’s segments. And most days I have so much to say that we can’t get it all on the air so you will find even more information online.

Q: I need to save more money and you keep talking about it but somehow I don’t see it when I mow the lawn. It seems we are always spending. We have put away our credit cards and are with paying cash or with a check.

A: I am pleased you have a budget. That’s great. I would like you now to pay yourself every time you save money. I was at the grocery store last week and I found several items on sale and I had coupons. It was a very good sale with marvelous out dates. So I bought a year’s supply of salad dressing and mayonnaise saving 30-55%. So after everything was put away I took the cash out of my wallet and stuck into our savings.

Which until we accumulate a couple of hundred bucks is in an old pickle crock. Then it goes to the bank. My husband washed and ironed a dress shirt he needed for a meeting recently and he stuck a dollar into the crock. I told him only 50 cents should go in for he never ironed the back! He was never going to take his jacket off he told me.

When we bundled our phone and cable service it was savings of over $30 bucks a month. So I write a check out to myself every month when I pay the bill.

So after a couple of months of doing this your savings will become more concrete. Our saving goal varies with what is going on in our lives. Right now with a very smart 6-year-old granddaughter we are saving for college.


You can hear Dee Lee’s expert financial advice on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 each weekday at 1:55 p.m., 3:55 p.m., and 7:55 p.m.

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