The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is in for Gresh, so Zo led things off talking with Shaughnessy about the Boston Red Sox. The soap opera at Fenway continued since Zo was last in, so Shaughnessy is in charge of getting him up to date.

John Lackey was spotted in the clubhouse while in Cleveland with a beer in each hand. This unconfused everyone because people were under the impression that there was a ban on beer in the clubhouse for the Sox. Plus people didn’t understand why Lackey was even traveling with the team on the road.

On top of that manager Bobby Valentine pulled Carl Crawford in the fifth inning of Sunday’s 14-1 bashing of the Cleveland Indians. After the game the manager said that the outfielder had some soreness in his wrist. Crawford didn’t seem happy about what the manager said when he was asked to comment.

With all this going on the team is still two games under .500 and Shaughnessy thinks that this team has no chance at seeing the post season

Joe Haggerty On The Drinking In The Clubhouse


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