What started as Toucher & Rich watching some videos of a freestyling competition turned into an epic battle for radio domination last year. And so, the 98 Mile Rap Battle was born. In the end, it was D.A. who was left standing in first annual competition beating out Tony Massarotti.

This year in 98 Mile II Tony Mazz battled all the way back to the Finals to take on Jon Wallach. The guys put together their own crews and took their best shots at Michael Felger. In the end after all the votes were counted up Mazz once again fell short. That’s right, Jon Wallach is this year’s winner of 98 Mile II.


Jon Wallach’s Finals Rap About Felger (WINNER)

Tony Massarotti’s Finals Rap About Felger

The Rap Battle Recap


Battle 2
Fred’s Rap About Mazz

Mazz’s Rap About Fred (WINNER)

Battle 1
Tanguay’s Rap About Wallach

Wallach’s Rap About Tanguay (WINNER)

Round 1

Battle 5
Bertrand’s Rap About Mazz

Mazz’s Rap About Bertrand (WINNER)

Battle 4
Rich’s Rap About D.A. (WINNER)

D.A.’s Rap About Rich

Battle 3
Fred’s Rap About Adolfo (WINNER)

Adol…Cha-Chi’s Rap About Fred

Battle 2
Andy Gresh’s Rap About Gary Tanguay

Gary Tanguay’s Rap About Andy Gresh (WINNER)

Battle 1
Scott Zolak’s Rap About Jon Wallach

Jon Wallach’s Rap About Scott Zolak (WINNER)


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