By Paul Burton

LEOMINSTER (CBS) – Seven-year-old AJ Mills has a lot to smile about. His youth baseball team just won the league championship, but what made the game so special is who threw out the opening pitch to him.

soldier Soldier Surprises Brother At Leominster Baseball Game

Megan Mills surprised her brother AJ at his baseball game.

AJ’s older sister Megan is in the Army National Guard and he had no idea she was coming home.

“He didn’t see me until I was in the infield,” said Megan. “As soon as he saw me he came running up to me.”

AJ didn’t run, he sprinted into his sister’s arms and the two embraced for nearly 30 seconds.

“He just ran to her and they embraced for such a long time,” said their mom Kim. “Not a dry eye in the place.”

Megan has been serving in the National Guard for the past three years. She just returned home after a year long deployment in Iraq and the very first thing she wanted to do was surprise her little brother.

“It makes everyday I waited to come home worth it,” says Megan. “Seeing him cry like that and run up to me was amazing.”

As for the opening pitch, Megan says, “it kind of bounced up and hit him in the chin.”

But the experience was something they’ll never forget.


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