The New Orleans Saints are in town for joint practices with the New England Patriots before their pre season game on Thursday night.

Saints safety Roman Harper joined Gresh and Hardy right after Wednesday’s joint practice in Foxboro to discuss what these practices do for teams, how the role of safety has evolved over the years and is Aaron Hernandez over looked when people talk about tight ends and the Patriots offense.

The guys asked the two time Pro Bowler about taking part in these joint practices with Patriots before the pre season starts. Bill Belichick said that these practices have been the most productive practices he’s ever been a part of, but does Harper feel the same way?

“Yeah because you always get to see where you’re at as a team. You’re not just always hitting your own guys and that’s how tempers get flaring after a week or two of practicing against each other.”

Now that you have guys like Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and Aaron Hernandez to contend with on the field did the role of the safety have to evolve?

“You’re no longer just an in the box safety, you’re not just a deep guy. You’ve got to be able to do it all, you got to be able to cover, you got to be able to run, you got to be able to play the deep ball , you got to be able to do it all.”


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