What started as Toucher & Rich watching some videos of a freestyling competition turned into an epic battle for radio domination last year. And so, the 98 Mile Rap Battle was born. In the end, it was D.A. left standing in first annual competition.

It’s that time of the year again, when 98.5 The Sports Hub supremacy can be determined in only one way: a rap battle. Thursday is the Finals, with Tony Mazz one of the last ones standing once again, but this time around he’s up against Wallach.

For the Finals, the guys take the focus off each other and turn it to the one host who wanted nothing to do with this year’s battle: Michael Felger.

But before we can get to that, take a listen to all of the raps from this year’s battles.


Battle 2
Fred’s Rap About Mazz

Mazz’s Rap About Fred (WINNER)

Battle 1
Tanguay’s Rap About Wallach

Wallach’s Rap About Tanguay (WINNER)

Round 1

Battle 5
Bertrand’s Rap About Mazz

Mazz’s Rap About Bertrand (WINNER)

Battle 4
Rich’s Rap About D.A. (WINNER)

D.A.’s Rap About Rich

Battle 3
Fred’s Rap About Adolfo (WINNER)

Adol…Cha-Chi’s Rap About Fred

Battle 2
Andy Gresh’s Rap About Gary Tanguay

Gary Tanguay’s Rap About Andy Gresh (WINNER)

Battle 1
Scott Zolak’s Rap About Jon Wallach

Jon Wallach’s Rap About Scott Zolak (WINNER)

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