Mike Lockhart from the show went down to New England Patriots training camp and caught up with safety Ross Ventrone. Lockhart started off with a few softball questions about how camp has been going so far and how the secondary is looking this year compared to last year.

All of his answers sounded like the basic Patriot responses, but Lockhart was just warming him up before asking him to play a little game for us.

We have had many athletes help us out by singing a few select songs; we had Tedy Bruschi sing the songs of Rush and become “Geddy’ Bruschi,” Brad Marchand sang songs from the 80’s to become ‘Rad’ Marchand and Greg Stiemsma become “Dream Steimsma” with his pop renditions.

So Lockhart asked Ventrone if he could bust out a few Bruce Springsteen songs and become “Boss” Ventrone! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as a successful as other games have been in the past, but it was still fun.


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