PLYMPTON (CBS) – A husband and wife worked hard to get their corn maze ready for the crowds this fall only to see part of it ruined by vandals.

Owners of the Billingsgate Farm in Plympton say the vandals may have ruined the maze, but they will not allow them to destroy their dreams.

Farmer Pete Reading says they did it sometime in the middle of the night.

“I’m really frustrated,” says Pete. “We put this corn maze in it costs us a lot of money. It was our time, our energy. The message is saying we got in and violated you. Terrible.”

This is the first year he and his wife created the corn maze for families to enjoy this fall. Now many of the stalks have been torn down.

Police say the vandals not only wrecked their cornfield, they also did damage to their farm stand.

“They used our own farm eggs to egg the farm, his tractor and delivery truck,” says Lynn Reading. “It’s an invasion of privacy for one, it’s never happened before we are very hard working people.”

Pete and Lynn plan to replant the corn and say they will be ready to open on September 15.


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