FOXBORO (CBS) –  Brandon Lloyd is enjoying his first season with the New England Patriots, but his work is far from done.

Entering his 10th season in the NFL, Lloyd has consistently termed his relationship with quarterback Tom Brady and integration into the Patriots offensive system as “a work in progress.”

“We’ve made good progress,” Lloyd said Monday afternoon following the Patriots 12th Training Camp session.

Lloyd dropped a pass during Monday’s practice session, something that has not happened too often. Lloyd never likes to let one slip through his hands, hauling in 147 catches and 16 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

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Every time the ball is in the air and heading in his direction, the 31-year-old is confident he’ll be the one coming down with the rock.

“I take pride in that I feel like every ball is catchable,” he said.

Even at 6-0, Lloyd is actually among the taller of Patriots wide receivers (Jabar Gaffney stands tallest at 6-2). But he has been known for his ability to go up top and pluck the ball from the air, even in spots not many believe he could get to. He thanks his strong work ethic in practice, and his days as a high jumper back in his high school, for honing in that ability.

“We did a lot of visualizing and preparing to jump at high heights that you can’t practice,” said Lloyd. “I couldn’t jack myself up enough in practice to clear seven feet, but I could visualize it and visualize my timing. I was so successful at that that I transferred it over to football.”

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“When I look at the call sheets and look at the plays, I visualize catching in every possible way; visualize every coverage, every catch – one hand, two hands, anything – so when it happens it feels like I’ve already been there almost,” he said.

And with every ball he catches, or his reaction to the ones he doesn’t, Lloyd is showing his teammates what he brings to the field.

“It’s important in building trust with the guys to do my job, to be accountable and to make the plays when my number is called,” he said. “That’s just how I’ve been playing since I was young, and it’s something that drives me; to be perfect on the practice field.”


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