Gresh and Zolak caught up with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski after practice at training camp on Monday.

Gronk discussed what keeps him going and expectations for the upcoming season. Even with the great statistical success of last season, Gronkowski spoke Monday just minutes after catching about 50 extra passes after practice was officially over. He said that his added experience should make him even better this season.

“Just practing and it’s great coming in and being a third-year player. You’re so much more ahead of the game than being a rooke or second-year player. You just gotta keep working hard,” Gronkowksi told Gresh & Zo. “What you don’t know on the offense you gotta understand every position. It makes you understand the defense more. You want to understand what coverage they’re playing, how they’re lined up, and just overall knowing the game better. Knowing the defense better is going to help you out.”

Gronk also said he is hoping to improve his run blocking, which in turn will just help further improve his overall game.

“You want to improve on a lot of areas of your game. It’s not one thing specifically they want tyou to work on, it’s everything overall,” said Gronkowski. “First we start with run blocking, then we do pass catching then pass blocking. They’re all important to the game. I believe starting off, it’s run blocking. It helps out in the play action game, and that’s what gets me open. That’s huge.”

Scott Zolak was curious what gives Gronk all that energy.

“Man it definitely is those energy bars and energy drinks,” Gronk said, noting that he doesn’t like to eat raw eggs. “I start off every monirng with the protein shake with the banaana a little peanut butter. That’s how every athlete starts it off basically.”

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