A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Yes my dopey (those who smoke pot) friends, if your fellow weed-wackers in Massachusetts agree, there could soon be a Kush Dr. near you.  Oh I understand, it’s for medicinal purposes only, you know like glaucoma, migraines, hangnail, hangovers, hungry horrors and impotence but the question is going on the Massachusetts ballot and we just may join four other New England states in legalizing pot smoking……….yes…..for medicinal purposes only.   Is this hysterical or what?    Yes I know, out in California they’ve been growing this stuff and letting doctors grow it and sell it…legally….for years and honestly I was a bit surprised to learn that the state of Maine…those quiet fellow New Englanders just to the North of us are now enjoying a prolific “cottage industry” of pot growing and selling…..yess Sir…..Ayup…just up the road a piece and its all legal.   Got a headache?    Got an awful disease?  Can’t sleep?  Maybe just wanna get “high?”     Well, dream up an acceptable ailment, go see the Kush Dr. and you’ll be flyin’ higher than Charlie Harper in a heartbeat.

     If this initiative passes on the Massachusetts ballot, as it has in more than a dozen states already, it’ll be more proof positive that you cannot underestimate the intelligence of the average voter out there.  Either that or its proof that many people should not be allowed to vote.      Yes I know…..I’ve said it before….I think we should make it more difficult, not easier, to vote.

     If you really believe that selling pot at the local farmacy (that’s how they spell it in California) or the doctor’s office is the right thing to do for our community, that is sad.     Perhaps its true…..maybe some very sick people do find pain relief and comfort in tokin’ on a joint, but if you don’t understand that dealing drugs is a bad thing…and I don’t care how legal it is…..you probably don’t believe organized crime runs the gambling industry either.

     Come on Massachusetts votes….I’m getting a headache!!


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