LAWRENCE (CBS) – Lawrence police are hoping surveillance video and a broken BB gun will help them identify two men involved in a violent convenience store robbery.

The men burst into the City Mart on Haverhill Street earlier this week. One of them leapt over the counter waiving the BB gun at store owner Nazir Shaikh.

“He didn’t know it was a fake gun,” Nabin Shaikh said of his father. “He’s assuming it’s a real gun so he just did not let go of his hand.”

Nazir Shaikh wrestled with one of the crooks while the other one stood back and waited for the right moment to grab the cash.

Eventually, the crooks managed to make off with several hundred dollars.

But Shaikh managed to get a hold of the gun, which police are now testing for finger prints.

Shaikh also says he recognizes the two attackers because they’ve shopped at his store before.

“We don’t know their names and everything, but we know who they are,” Shaikh’s son Nabin told WBZ-TV. “We have access to let people in or not let them in. We didn’t think anything of it,”

Shaikh managed to give one of the robbers a good whack on his way out for good measure. He keeps a pole behind his counter just in case someone tries to give him any trouble.


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