By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BELMONT (CBS) – “He’s either very bold or very stupid,” that’s the way Gary Wood describes the thief who took off with a $600 bike from Wheelworks in Belmont.

The man walked in to the store on Monday afternoon, looked around for a few minutes, then wandered over to a bike by the door. The next thing everyone knew, he was out with the bike on Trapelo Road.

Wood and his team noticed the bike was gone immediately and called police. They had several images of him from video cameras all over the store.

Two hours later, the brazen thief walked back into the store, wearing the same pants and a different shirt.

Stunned employees recognized him right away.

Scott Chamberlain says, “I said, ‘Can help you? And he said, ‘I’m looking for the locks’.”

He walked over to the looks, then realized the employees were on to him and he bolted out the door.

Wood chased after the thief, and police joined the pursuit. They followed him through several yards, but he got away.

Now they’re hoping that someone will recognize the pictures, and turn the guy in.

Wood says, “I’m sure this isn’t the first time he’s taken something. I’m sure he’s affecting other businesses in the area. It would be nice to catch him for the sake of all the businesses and people.”


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