By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

HINGHAM (CBS) – Kerry Adams has only had Pippin the Airedale puppy for a few months, but this weekend, she thought she was going to lose him to a pack of hungry coyotes.

“I thought they were going to get the dog and that there were so many of them, I might not be able to save the dog,” she says.

The pair was walking in the Hingham Town Forest around 9am Sunday morning when Pippin noticed something.

“His ears went straight back, tail went down between his legs,” she says. “He was obviously afraid of something.”

In a moment, Adams says she was face to face with a coyote, but one bigger than the ones who were spotted in Quincy last week.

“When I turned around it was a gigantic coyote that looked not like the usual coyotes in there,” she says. “It was really like bigger than a German Shepherd.”

She says it barked and growled at her even as she backed away.

“When I turned a little bit I saw two more on the side, in the bushes and I looked over here and saw two or three more over here,” she recalls. “Then I realized they were going for the dog.”

Adams picked Pippin up and moved as fast as she could, with the alpha coyote lunging at her, she says, coming just a few feet away.


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