TRURO (CBS) – A man swimming in the water off Ballston Beach in Truro was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his legs.

A witness at the beach says she saw a shark swimming near the man before he was attacked.

Anne Marie Corner was sitting on the beach when she saw the attack about 100 yards offshore.

“The swimmers were about four feet apart,” says Corner, “and it just came right up between the two and went into the swimmer on the left and kind of torqued when it went into the swimmer.”

shark4 Man Taken To Hospital After Possible Shark Attack On Cape Cod

Man taken to hospital after reported shark bite. (Photo courtesy Cape Cod Times)

Truro Police and fire have not been able to confirm whether or not the man was bitten by a shark.

The victim and his son were able to make it to shore. Corner says both of the man’s legs were bitten and her beach wrap was used to help stop the bleeding.

She says it was hard to tell how severe the wounds were.

“I saw the wound it looked bad on the one leg,” she says.

The man was conscious when he was transported to Cape Cod Hospital and later Mass General in Boston.

Corner says there is no doubt it was a shark attack. “We saw what looked like a large dorsal fin between the two of them,” she says.

There have been numerous shark sightings off Cape Cod coast this summer.

On Friday, an 18-foot shark was tagged off the coast of Chatham.

There is a possibility that Ballston Beach will be closed on Tuesday due to the attack.

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