BOSTON (CBS) – With the MLB Trade Deadline just a day away, CBS Sports Baseball Insider Jon Heyman bumped up his weekly call-in to 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak by a day.

There have been rumors of Boston shopping Josh Beckett to Texas and Atlanta over the weekend. Multiple reports have a Beckett trade unlikely, and Heyman agrees with that.

“There are a lot of hurdles, no question about that. The fact they’re talking to Texas and Atlanta gives you the thought (Beckett has) given the OK; maybe he likes those two teams,” Heyman said of the Sox righty, who can veto any deal as a 10-5 player. “They’re both contenders and in the South.”

Heyman: Teams Now Weighing Beckett Trade

“Those teams are weighing the issues, and the biggest issue is (Becektt) has $38-million to go until 2014,” he added.

Are there any other teams that could jump into the Beckett sweepstakes?

“I’m not aware of other teams, but he — as you said — is holding the cards because he can tell them where he’s willing to go,” said Heyman. “That’s up to him and I don’t blame him for that. If he only wants to go to those two teams (Texas or Atlanta) that still gives Boston the opportunity to trade hm. They were both interested in (Zach) Greinke, so both teams are motivated to get starting pitchers.”

The Sox just took two of three from the Yankees in New York, but still remain on the outside looking in in the Wild Card standings. Does the series win in the Bronx change the perception the team has on their postseason chances?

“I don’t know if it changes the perception of the team but they should feel good about it,” said Heyman. “There’s no reason not to feel good about it; they have a talented team and they are getting some good players back. They still have more talent than they’ve shown, and I don’t think there is reason for them to give up. I don’t see them as a seller, other than Beckett.

“I think they are a buyer rather than a seller at this point,” Heyman said of the Sox at Tuesday’s 4pm deadline. “They’re not a complete buyer; they won’t be trading prospects.”

“I think they are willing to trade (Ryan) Sweeney; he’s a nice spare outfielder. He’s good as a fourth or fifth man, but not a starting outfielder,” said Heyman. “I know they’re getting calls on Cody Ross, I think they want to hold on to him with him having a fantastic year.”

Also, what does Heyman think the Red Sox should do with Carl Crawford and his bad elbow? Tune in to Gresh & Zo to find out!


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