BOSTON (CBS) – As the world’s finest athletes start to compete in London, Dan Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet is searching for the best global cuisine right in our own backyard.

With 11 Massachusetts locations, visiting the British Beer Company is like taking a trip to London, without the trans-Atlantic flight.

Along with hundreds of the best beers from around the world, they serve up classic British favorites like bangers and mash, and fish and chips with a crispy beer batter.

Moonstones in Chelmsford is a sleek and sexy restaurant offering an international menu stacked with small plates.

Popular dishes include tuna tataki, flaming chorizo, and English sticky toffee pudding.

Street restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire specializes in street foods from around the world, like South American yucca fries, Thai style ribs, and Mexican sandwiches.

And if you’d like to sample foods from around the world, head to Inman square in Cambridge or Brighton Ave in Allston.

They both offer a huge variety of authentic ethnic restaurants.

For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on myTV 38.


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