Adolfo laid down his rap the other day and Rich felt like it wasn’t really that good. So in talking with Hardy and Cha-Chi, they came up with a solution. The guys hijacked Adolfo’s rap and had Cha-Chi spit fire at Fred instead.

Listen: 98 Mile II Round 1: Fred vs. Adol….. Cha-Chi!

Listeners texted and called saying they wanted to hear what Adolfo originally recorded. The guys fired it up and let it roll.

The gang also got their hands on Andy Gresh’s first take of his rap about Gary Tanguay. Gresh eventually recorded a new one, which you heard on Thursday morning.

Listen: 98 Mile II Round 1: Gresh vs. Tanguay

After the voting Tanguay was crowned the winner and will be moving on to Round 2.


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