Patriots training camp opens on Thursday and there’s already questions being asked. The team had to put right guard Brian Waters on the Did Not Report list Wednesday, what is going on there?

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about Brian Waters not showing up, Tom Brady aging, releasing Joseph Addai, Danny Woodhead and could they Patriots really go undefeated?

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Right guard Brian Waters is still under contract and was set to arrive to Pats training camp on Wednesday along with the other veterans. What’s the reason for him not showing up?

“All we know is that he’s not there at Gillette Stadium though everybody does insist that he’s going to show up at some point. So is this him saying, ‘I’ve been in the league for twelve years, I don’t really need to go through another training camp’ and he’ll show up in a couple of weeks or is he still really, could he still really be contemplating retirement?”

They go on to discuss the offensive line that already has a lot of questions with Sebastian Vollmer and Logan Mankins injured and now Waters not showing up. Now all of a sudden this offensive line doesn’t look so good as it once did.

“Yeah and even before Brian Waters didn’t show up there were question marks, at least to me, about this offensive line.”

They moved on to discuss 34 year-old quarterback Tom Brady, are there any flaws developing in his game that can be attributed to his age?

“I really haven’t noticed any at this point. As he himself jokes all the time he’s always been slow so it’s not like he’s losing speed or anything like that.”

The Patriots released veteran running back Joseph Addai after he apparently failed a physical, so where is the veteran presence among the running backs? Could we see the return of Kevin Faulk?

“I’m not sure. I know Kevin’s has been in contact with people around the Patriots throughout the offseason, very rarely was it to talk about football. Obviously when you’ve been around a football franchise for 13 years it becomes your family, so he has been talking to people around the Patriots. Not really any discussion about coming back.”

Plus is it realistic to think that the Patriots team can really go 16-0 this season?


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