Toucher & Rich talked with Jason Schwartz from Boston Magazine who got a two-hour interview with Schilling, access to private Facebook messages and talk with other sources for his huge story on the failed 38 Studios.

Schilling’s company caught lots of heat when they went bankrupt earlier this year and lost of $75 million in taxpayer money. Employees were not given much notice that the company was head toward bankruptcy and that they would be left without jobs. The guys asked Schwartz how many employees are still angry with Schilling for the way things went?

Schwartz says that there were some who couldn’t even be mad at the former pitcher. The guys discussed what the early days at the company were like and how there was a lot of money spent early on.

Plus the guys discussed how Schilling apparently couldn’t understand the concept of vacations and wanted to have people work through weekends and get more days off in a row later.


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