BOSTON (CBS) –  The Boston Red Sox are back under .500 after Monday night’s 9-1 loss to the Texas Rangers, but don’t expect a fire sale at next week’s trade deadline.

“They’re not going to sell; it’s not even worth talking about. There are two wild cards and they’re not set yet,” CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak Tuesday morning. “If you’re around .500 now, with an extra wild card, and have a $170 mill payroll, I don’t think it’s realistic for a big sale.”

“I think if the Orioles are still in it, you have to think you’re still in it too,” added Heyman.

The Red Sox currently sit four games back of the Angels and Athletics for the two wild card spots. While Heyman says the Red Sox are still in the hunt, it may not be a bad idea to “sell” one of their players to shake things up a bit.

“(It will likely be the) Yankees, Tigers, Rangers and likely the Angels and one more for the last (playoff) spot,” said Heyman. “I do kind of like the White Sox, but if you’re within a few games you can’t give up. If you’re now 2.5 to 4.5 behind the White Sox… a little bit of a sell could help some teams.”

It might be worth making that “sell” with Josh Beckett, although Heyman does not see the Red Sox getting much in return for the 5-8 pitcher.

“He’s making $17 million a year and has a mediocre record. I can’t imagine it would be a lot (they’d get in return). They’d have to take some salary back as well,” said Heyman. “I wouldn’t recommend against it though, that’s the kind of shake up I’ve been talking about. He’s obviously an influence in the clubhouse… we all think he’s an influence on (Jon) Lester and other guys, and Lester isn’t doing well. I would recommend they look around and see what they can get for Beckett, but it won’t be a lot right now.”

As for Lester, Heyman isn’t ready to write off the struggling starter.

“He’s been one of the worst pitchers in the league. I don’t want to declare someone’s lost it after a terrible month after a few mediocre months. Nothing looks drastically terrible with him minus the results,” said Heyman. “He’s obviously lost it for the moment.”

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