Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins and the guys did 4 Questions with Wiggy and Mazz.

Topics included: A short-term and long-term look at the Red Sox, the Bruins quiet off-season, the Penn State sanctions and the opening of New England Patriots training camp.

1. This Red Sox team cannot fulfill its potential for whatever reason, do you think the organization will ever realize it? Would they ever risk losing short-term business in the name of making the right long-term decision?

2. How do you feel with the Bruins not making any substantial moves so far this offseason?

3. Was the sentence that the NCAA gave to Penn State really “worse than death?”

4. Last week Felger asked Wiggins what player he was most interested in seeing the first day of Patriots training camp and Wiggy said Jermaine Cunningham. Does Wiggy want to change his answer and if not what position is he going to watch?


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