Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joined Felger and Massoratti to discuss the Penn State Sanctions. Wetzel feels that the sanctions delivered by the NCAA were more harsh than the death penalty. Wetzel discussed the idea that changing the culture is out of the question.

Do you think that Wetzel is right? Is the death penalty not required?

To change the culture, the death penalty would most likely be the route to go. A fall without football would certainly send a shock wave through the Penn State community. However, with the death penalty no longer on the table, the lack of postseason play is set to send that shock.

Wetzel emphasized the idea that this does not change much at Penn State. The students will still tailgate, the seats will still be filled, and players can still come play Penn State football…just not for free.

Does this seem like change hasn’t happened? Does Dan Wetzel make sense describing the culture of the Penn State community?

Along with the lack of postseason play, Joe Paterno lost 111 wins due to these sanctions. With this scandal, Joe Paterno’s legacy and reputation is, without a doubt, tarnished. Paterno will forever be remembered, not for the plenty of good he did for Penn State, but for hiding a criminal.

Dan Wetzel discussed with Felger and Mazz how Paterno’s reputation will forever be tarnished.


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