Today to open the show, Mike Felger and Tony Massoratti discussed the sanctions delivered to Penn State football program by the NCAA. The main sanction that is controversial is the lack of the “death penalty.”

Felger and Mazz feel that the death penalty was a must for the Penn State program. The idea that Penn State will still be playing football is not truly changing the culture of the university. The guys feel that if you don’t change the culture, then there isn’t not too much change happening.

The guys discussed the idea that playing football in the fall at Penn State shows that the sanctions were not harsh enough. The lack of the death penalty has the ability to show that the NCAA is trying not to punish the current students and staff who had nothing to do with this issue.

Do you think that the sanctions were harsh enough? Would the death penalty been the better choice? Does the present students argument make no death penalty okay?

Even though there will be football, the school will still feel the wrath of the NCAA. Former head coach Joe Paterno will be stripped of 111 wins from 1998-2011 earned during his stint at Penn State. This will drop Paterno from first to twelfth on the all time wins list for NCAA football coaches.

Do you think that Paterno should have been stripped of his wins? Does this taint Paterno’s legacy as a coach?


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