Once again the Red Sox are back at .500 after being swept at Fenway by the Toronto Blue Jays. The Sox are now last in the East and three and a half games back in the wild card race.

Peter Abraham spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the problems with pitching, the trade deadline and the future of Bobby Valentine.

With the Sox being so far back in the standings is a post season bid just out of reach?

“I would think the division is way out of range, but crazily they’re one of, whatever it is now, nine teams that are within two or three games of that wild card spot.”

Can the Sox get a piece to help them at the trade deadline or are they so close that a big move just doesn’t make sense?

“Well I can’t imagine you are too much of a buyer because it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to give up quality prospects or really anything you might need on the off chance you could get that second wild card. And, then if you happen to win that wild card play in game you’re in the actual playoffs. Does this team actually have a rotation that can win a playoff series? Probably not, so I can’t see them going out and making any major buys, but on the other hand they’re close enough that you think they don’t go out and sell.”

There have been conversations about trading either Josh Beckett or Jon Lester to get a major piece, but can you even trade Lester with a 5-8 record and the numerous poor performances?

“You don’t want to trade him when his value is at it’s lowest which is it’s never been lower than it is right now for Lester in his major league career.”

Are we in a situation where Jon Lester needs to be placed on the disabled list just to get him out of the game for a while? Is this a lost season for the pitcher?

The guys moved on to the manager, is Bobby Valentine going to be this team’s sacrificial lamb if they end the season around .500 and miss the playoffs yet again?

“Something’s going to have to happen if the Red Sox are out of the playoffs or if they finish below .500 there is going to be a call for something to happen and the easiest thing for any team to do is get rid of the manager.”


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