A Blog by Gary LaPierre

We’re not even out of the month of July….and I, a political junkie, am bored to death with this Presidential campaign.   Yes we’ve got a bit of an interruption right now with the Colorado massacre, for obvious reasons, but so far this thing is going nowhere.   Mitt needs to grow a couple and toughen-up, which he’s beginning to do, and Barack needs to stop acting like a two-bit politician from the South Side of Chicago.   Yes, he’s politicizing the Colorado crime, first by going there and then so eloquently saying “this tragedy hits close to home….my girls, Sasha and Malia go the movies.”    No kidding!   They do?  I never would have thought so.     But what really “gets my goat” right now (my Mom used to say that) is the TV ad he’s running….non-stop that features Mitt Romney singing (rather poorly) “America.”   As that all you’ve got Mr. President?   Is that the best you can come up with….attacking your opponent with his own singing?  Seriously, is that all you’ve got?   That is weak BHO…..irritating and weak!

Back to Colorado for just a moment.  The whole world it seems is looking for answers as to “why” this happened.  Real reporters by the thousands, and tens of thousands of other wanna-be reporters are falling all over themselves looking for the answers….and there is none.   Oh, sure some sleazy lawyers will come up with a case to plead  insanity.   This guy is the epitome of insanity and it shouldn’t matter….at all.  There are about 300-million people, just on this continent.  You’re gotta know this isn’t the only nut-job in our midst.   “Why” this happened, we may never know and I don’t really care, but how did we miss some obvious signals.   Experts say Holmes was able to buy the weapons and ammunition because he was perfectly clean…no record etc.   Don’t you suppose when a “clean” college kids goes out and buys a bunch of weapons, including a semi-automatic rifle, and then orders 6,000 rounds of ammunition on-line, shouldnt a red flag go up somewhere?   Of course it should but don’t mess with the second amendment, right?   Nobody…..NOBODY should be allowed to buy a semi automatic rifle with enough clips to rip-off hundreds of rounds of ammo in a matter of seconds.   Nobody…..ever!!!!


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